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Its creeping up on me...

Ok, this is my first post. I did not even think I would ever post - as I always thought, its not really affecting me like it is everybody else. I am going to be just fine, as along as I don't think about it. I am just going to ignore it (I was diagnosed officially in November, but felt I knew since April last year) with a very active RRMs. I did not change a thing in my life. I am still giving 130% in my job in central London, I am still planning my wedding, I am still going to Boot Camps and the gym. And if there is fatigue I have another coffee (or 3), if I feel vertigo or stiffness or pins and needles I just keep going. If I have brainfog in a meeting - well I blame the weather. But I feel its starting to creep up on me and because I kept going like nothing happened I feel no one really understands that sth maybe has changed a bit after all. I am on Mavenclad now since April (took 1 year from first symptoms until treatment), But not sure if and how it affects me. Does anybody else have Mavenclad? Did you also just keep going and where did this lead to? I feel a bit lost at this point. Trying to make sense of it all and did not know where else to turn to. So I thought I just reach out here. All these other forums just made me depressed so I decided to give this one a go. (I also never posted in a forum ever - so a bit of a forumvirgin ;)).

@cosmopolista Hi and welcome to the club. This time last year year I popped my forum virginity and haven't looked back! Not much doom and gloom here just positivity and above all else see have a good sense of humour 😂 Ask anything you like we'll find an answer soon. Under your post there are a few boxes ones marked Mavenclad  that'll take you to other posts made about it. Welcome again 😀


@cosmopolista , woo-hoo, a virgin! Anyway, it is good to be able to carry on with your life. Yes, you can still do all those things you have planned. But, there's always a but! You have to acknowledge the MS. It doesn't like to be ignored. I'm not saying stop doing anything, I'm just suggesting that you "listen to your body" and practice moderation, rather than your present gung-ho attitude. I know the word "moderation" is not normally found in the female vocabulary, but try your best. 😉