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MS Dizziness or Stress

Just after some advice really. Currently I am going through my divorce, we separated 4 months after i was diagnosed (although it's not the reason why). My job isnt going great either. Kind of struggling to focus, remember things and cannot seem to motivate myself enough either, I dont know why. I was diagnosed april last year but kind of knew I had it a few years before. I'm on ocrevus and shall be getting my 1st full dose tuesday next week. I was told that it should stop development of further problems and lapses. I am feeling more dizzy at the moment. In fact its permanently there to some extent now. If I spin around I might get wobbly, otherwise I can handle things... I never fall over due to it.. Could the dizziness be caused by stress rather than MS?? It makes sense if it does. I'm assuming it's just old lesions playing up and because of this I am dizzy??? Thankyou for taking the time to read this.