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Hello! I’m new

I was recently diagnosed on October 5 of this year. It was one of the scariest days of my life. I thought I was having a stroke, my entire left side of my body went numb. I could walk without stumbling and I could barely talk.

Last month was a complete world wind for me. I’m still talking the steroids and still numb, tingly, stiff, tight and sore the left side. My speech has almost returned to normal. I choke more often than ever whenever I swallow. I seem to cry all the time whenever I talk about what is going on, even if I don’t feel all that sad.
How long will this last?

I’m on my 4th week of the steroids with one more week to go. I’m waiting for my insurance to agree to pay for Tecfidera. I haven’t been able to return to work yet, I’m a Director for a Medical Billing company. The amount of stress that I’m under at work is not something that would be conducive to my new diagnosis. Whenever I even talk the CEO in regards to work my speech because draggish (kind of like slurred just the words are clear but slow to leave the mouth) and I feel an increased tightness in my body. I’m scared and afraid. I can’t afford a drastic income change, but I don’t want to exasperate my condition which then harms my brain.

Wow!!! What an introduction 😢 I am normally more upbeat I promise. I would love to connect with others and here and advice or feedback anyone has to offer. Thank you for reading and I look forward to connecting to others.

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10 months ago

@thyasis_barber Welcome! 🙂 I am sorry for what you have been going through and know that it is not easy. This is a new journey for many & you will find your way. I was diagnosed about two years ago, a month after my birthday with many emotions! (A MESS lol) I was so relieved because I had finally found an answer to all of my weird symptoms. With work it has been so tricky! I had to leave my last position because of the high stressful and fast paced environment – it made me relapse. You will have your days when you are down but keep a positive attitude and things will fall into place. At the end of the day your health comes first so you are taking the right steps. I wish you the best with everything!

10 months ago

Diagnosed on the 26th September. Left leg and foot affected. I had 5 days worth of steroids and since have been on Gabapentin for the pain. Ive been housebound for over a month.
I’ve not had the conversation about the DMDs yet, as I was told they want to wait until this relapse has got better, although there is a chance I could never be back to what I was.
I’m in a high pressure, client facing, corporate sales job. I’ve been working from home since my diagnosis, I’ve not had any time off, which is probably to my detriment.
But I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am and we wouldn’t even afford rent on what my boyfriend earns. I pay for most things, earning 5 times more. The thought of not having my income terrifies me.

One thing I’ve started recently is neurophysiotherapy. I feel like I’ve got more movement in my foot than I did. I feel like it’s made me more positive. Hope I can get my movement back to ‘normal’.

10 months ago

Welcome to our exclusive club 😉 hopefully you rebound from this attack. You don’t have much entered into your profile for us to offer suggestions. There are people from all over the world in this forum with a wealth of experience. Ask whatever you want and you can search using the little magnifying glass in the upper left.

I was Dx in 2005 with RRMS that now appears to be transitioning to SPMS so I am a testament that MS is changing all the time as are the treatments and our symptoms. This is a good intro article on MS that will lead to a lot more info-

10 months ago

Hello there,
I know its impossible not to have any fear it started quickly in more than one location.
try to think more about how you have been all your life
try your best to do like the old you
no one can blame you if you cant
regarding to chocking I’ve had that before starting gilenya MS weakens all sort of muscles.

tefidera cause stomach nausea too side effects dont know the reason why they chose it for you

10 months ago

Thank you for the warm welcome. I too found out not even a month after my birth. I plan on taking your advice and doing what’s good for my health.

10 months ago

@erika_galli I too was on an IV steroid for 5 days and confined to the hospital room for a total of 7 days. I’m still taking steroids oral. I have 1 more week to go, for a total of 4 weeks orally. My left foot part of my leg, hand, shoulder and back are all numb, tingly and sometimes aching. Now that I know the symptoms of MS I believe that I have been having relapses for over 10. I was always able to have my symptoms attached to another diagnosis. When my hands went numb I was told that I had carpal tunnel and years later I got the surgery. When I was tired and weak my anemia was blamed and I was then placed on inter venous iron drip. Finally my body said she isn’t getting the hints and gave my all the symptoms of what I thought was a stroke. When to the ER and learned that have MS. I too am financially dependent on my income. Working for me right now is almost impossible.

Thank for your comment it really helps me to feel not alone and not so bad. I was feeling bad for worrying about work when I know deep down that I can’t handle the stress that it places on me. But, like you I worked so hard to get there.

10 months ago

I am so sorry you are going through this!!
I too was shocked when I found out I had MS in 2017. I went back to school in 2008 in Social Work and got my Clinical Master’s Degree in 2011. I have been out of work now a year and it was the hardest thing I had to do. I am learning to make myself do hobbies. You have to keep a positive attitude and I know it is hard but the best medicine. I wish you the best! Hope to talk soon.

10 months ago

Hello @thyasis_barber I’m new too but undiagnosed but your and so many others stories sound exactly the same. I have only been part of this wonderful community for a short while but feel so much better for it and hope to get to the bottom of what’s happening to me soon.

10 months ago

Hey barber.
I have a few boxes of Tecfidera that I’m not taking anymore. If you want them they are yours. Just pay forthe shipping wherever you are. I’m in Vancouver BC
Best Jorge

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