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Hey there, hope your having a fantastic day!
37 female diagnosed 2001 never gave it another thought. This past August it side kicked me and I couldn’t feel my legs for over 3weeks, felt like I was getting my sea legs and over anxious about it. I had a lot of stresses added all at once and I couldn’t take it! Landed in the hospital! It was a bad “flare” and now I know for all these years I wasn’t crazy, it was a inconvenience I felt about 3to 4times a year. Passing out and falling for no reason, running into corners of walls, angry, head in space, body confused on earth. Sorry for the long wind, but I have 17 plus years of this controlling my life. I joke that I don’t cry, but it’s a real problem, my tears are broken. I finally have a neurologist appointment in December so I can start dealing with this and form a relationship for life. Btw I’m married and have 3 children. 20,17,15 boy howdy am I glad I had them when I could deal with symptoms. Anywho I’m going to discuss treatment with my neurologist… I’m scared! I have self medicated natural remedies for so long, it helped me get by… now I feel like a pill diet is my new normal and possibly infusion or shots! Did I mention I don’t do well with doctors, my anxiety sky rockets and I forget everything I’m there for in the first place. I feel so alone physically and emotionally.
I’m a freaking warrior and I need something to keep me that way! Any tips for sanity? I give up fighting the pain, I feel as I have grown to used to it and started petting the biting dog so to speak. Alright now you… yes you, know more about me than most so hi thank you for reading my babbling 😊

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9 months ago

Hi @shazta_murphy

The only advice I can give for keeping sane is to carry on as normal, stick with doing what your body allows you to do. If not possible then see if there is a different way of carrying on doing what you do, if not then find other interests, try something new and different.

9 months ago

U mean spastastic day

9 months ago

Thank you for responding. I definitely am trying to live as normal as possible. I paint when my hands work, and craft when my mind is focused. It’s getting cold where I live and insanity is on the horizon. I will be indoors until spring, the cold hurts to the bone and everything else escapes my control.

Lol spastic day… it’s more like a flea on crack day hahaha

9 months ago

Hi @shazta_murphy and welcome.

MS doesn’t really like to be ignored and disrespected. It’s always liable to creep up and bite you on the bum. And, it can have nasty, sharp teeth!

You should write down any questions that you have for the Neurologist. This will ensure that you don’t forget anything.

If possible, be accompanied for the appointment, by your partner or a close friend. Two pairs of ears are better than one.

You are a warrior. You’ve carried and given birth to three babies, so you’ve already earnt your stripes.

9 months ago

Thank you very much @stumbler.
You are most definitely right about ms not liking to be ignored… it’s played hell on my body and mind. Having 3 beautiful healthy blessings is what has kept me going daily, but I never want them to see me in pain or agony and that in itself has spiraled into chaos. Writing things down help and I’m going to make a list of things to discuss, but I don’t even know where to start. I feel as if I’m a bad story teller with the same sad confused story…

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