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Any teachers out there with MS?

Hi all 👋🏻 I just wondered if there were any teachers on this site with MS? I'm due to go back after the Summer holidays on Monday to teach my KS1 class, and I'm currently in the height of a relapse...so feeling super anxious about it! I really struggle to manage the exhaustion and fatigue, as well as my fine motor skills with things like typing, as I've now currently lost all feeling in my dominant hand too 😔 I just wondered if there was anyone out there in the same boat? Having MS and a job in the education sector? #rrms #msandteaching #msandwork #work #managingwork #teacher

Hi @themsteacher. I'm not a teacher but part of SMT in my school.First, are your school aware of your diagnosis? This is an issue that's often discussed on here. If so, I would strongly advise for you to ask for an Occupational Health Assessment. This are invaluable in supporting us MSers and also, helping the workplace understand and establish reasonable adjustments. As a teacher, I assume you're in a Union? You should make them aware of your diagnosis if they don't already know.Although the regulations don't require it any more, will your school allow teachers to wear masks for now? If you are currently having symptoms, I would broach the subject of being able to WFH for planning and even attending Zoom meetings where possible. Hopefully your school will understand that this is just temporary and will support your recovery. You're welcome to DM me if I can help any further! Good luck!


Hello @themsteacher,I understand your anxiety - teaching is an exhausting role at the best of times, and stressful.I’m a teacher but work as a SENDCo and in advisory roles which is lucky as I feel much less vulnerable. My schools don’t know about my MS as they don’t need to (no adjustments needed). I also work 4 days per week and looking to reduce this to 3 days, in the hope I can continue work forever more!I would avoid stress as best you can - you need to put yourself first to avoid too much stress and time to recover (which is often hard for a teacher), this should improve outcomes for you.Best wishes, Ollie