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The restarting of Ocrevus after coronavirus delay

Hi After 4 years on alemtuzumab I was due to move to Ocrevus (following breakthrough activity) in April. Bad timing. I'm treated at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, and was told yesterday that infusions the new patients might not be available until September/October. A huge cause of anxiety as I am currently living with nerve pain and the obvious risk of more relapses. I am interested if anybody else at different hospitals is able to begin treatment on Ocrevus, Cladribine or Alemtuzumab, any sooner. I know NHNN is often more cautious at prescribing, and I know that this is currently the national guidance on prescribing these treatments , but I was keen for any other peoples' news about when we might be able to start treatment and I wanted a comparison from another hospital. Would be grateful of any experiences/news. Many thanks

Had my third six-monthly infusion scheduled for August. It was cancelled, then put back to September. I'm with the Imperial College NHS trust.


@will_berard thank you. How are you finding Ocrevus?