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Editing to add- I completed my second round of treatment in 2020, and had some mild side effects but now it is out of my system, my lymphocytes are at a ”normal” level, and I’m being considered stable! Hi all! I’m looking into changing from Gilenya to Mavenclad, and I’m just a bit confused! I’m seeing my MS nurse in a month to tell her what I’ve decided but I was just hoping someone here could help answer some questions in the meantime!    I originally really wanted Lemtrada, even though the side effects were a bit daunting, the possibility of it reversing some damage sounded so promising. But, I know that’s not a guarantee and it’s just not an option for me, so here we are.    I think Mavenclad could be a good idea for me, but I was wondering, I know it will lower my white blood cell count like the other medications, but once a it’s worked it’s way out of my system, does that come back up? Or does it suppress it long term since that’s what supposed to be helping the MS. I’m just confused because it says after 6 months it’s out of your system!    I’m also a bit nervous of side effects, while probably milder than some medications, once you take it there’s no stopping if things go wrong. That makes me a bit worried!    Any feedback would be appreciated, I know this medication has been posted about before but I didn’t see anything talking specifically about white blood cell count and how people feel long term, side effects wise.  Thanks!

Hi Melissa I took both courses of mavenclad in July and August. I haven’t had my bloods done yet so I don’t know about my white cells etc yet. I felt fine after I took it- a wee bit sick and headachy- like a hangover but nothing drastic. I work in a school so I’m exposed to all sorts of bugs from kids but I’ve not caught anything yet, even though my immune system is low from the mavenclad, so fingers crossed! I don’t know about reversing any damage🤔 I do feel less fatigued and I’m not going for a pee every 2 minutes! My right leg is buggered- foot drop! It’s not any better but the nurse told me it’s still working on me so we’ll see. Hope that helps a wee bit! Anna x


Hi @condansmum! Thanks for your reply, and glad you’re doing well! The possibility of reversing damage was more what I read about lemtrada, but mavenclad is sounding pretty good also. Did they mention to you what to expect with your white blood cell count?