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Participate in clinical trials ?

Hey guys,just wanted some advice. After being diagnosed in march i started avonex in september (this bein my drug choice purely because in the next 2 years i wnt to start a family and tbh the side effects of the more effective drugs scared me!) . Although i feel the side effects i get from avonex are nt that bad (mainly the chills and a general tired feeling witht the occasional headache for about 12hours max), i have seen that they are recruiting for the final trial stage of the new ocreliuziamb drug and i am really eager on participating. However jus wanted to know if anyone has participated in clinical trials? What was your experience? And although a niave question, is it safe at this point? Thanks x

Hello, Sorry unable to help as no info on clinical trials. As I'm over 65 years of age I'm deemed to be "to old" wish I was too old for this rotten disease. My first drug was Avonex, which I took for a a few years. Unfortunately it wasn't the one for me so now on Tecfedira I think if I was in your position I would learn everything possible about the drug trials before any decision and hope somebody on here can help you. Good luck in starting your future family.


@lotusp , here are some general details about what is involved in clinical trials :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/research/getting-involved-research There are some details of Ocrelizumab here :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/ocrelizumab This drug has completed its Phase 2 trials, which focus on the safety profile of the drug. So, Phase 3 trials are focusing on the efficacy of the drug. If you are able to fit the trial requirements into your life, then it's a great opportunity to have a chance of using the latest drugs at the earliest opportunity. You will also be closely monitored, something which doesn't happen outside the trial environment.