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New treatment Ocrelizumab or Mavenclad

My neurologist has suggested Ocrelizumab or Mavenclad. He saidBoth are equally effective. Ocrelizumab is 6monthly infusion, while Mavenclad is oral medication-a 2year-course treatment, with 20day-doses over 2year period. Confused? Can I ask members for their experience with either treatments 🤔

@kalwinder_sekhon-aujla , whilst you're waiting for first-hand responses, you may want to select the "Mavenclad" and "Ocrevus" tags that have been added automatically to the foot of your post above. This will locate the previous mentions of these treatments.


Hi- as Stumbler said you will likely receive first hand accounts from people but searching for each of these using the little magnifying glass in the upper left or the tags in your post will lead you to previous posts on them. I am on Ocrevus and think it is going well. I haven't had any new MRIs since starting on it last fall (I've had the initial half doses and a full dose) so am looking forward to what this look inside my system says but from the outside I am maintaining with a slight improvement in some areas. For a good recap of many of the DMTs Dr Boster has covered many of them, how they work, their side effects, etc. You may also find this playlist helpful https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3a4GpjWLtCjzcJzGEcQC0Z3S4xGA-vaM