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any advice

I am new here so hello everyone . i really dont know where to begin ,sorry i will try to keep this a short as i can . beginning of July 2017 ,i woke up with a terrible backache ,so went to the doctors and was given pain killers ,but they didn't help and the pain got worse .so i visited my GP who sent me for MRI .this showed mild scoliosis and a bit of disc protrusion ,i was sent for physio but this made it worse ,so i went to a chiropractor but it was costing to much and it seemed to get worse . I then had 2 more visits to my GP as my right leg was going numb on and off and my pubic area also ,along with lower back pain worsening . i then was sent to a spine consultant,who then sent me straight to A & E with a letter ,i saw many drs etc but was sent home after several hours and told i would need another MRI . dec i had another MRI and a few days later my husband took me to hospital my legs had both gone numb,also my buttocks and groin ,after 7 hrs sent home as no one could read my MRI results from a few days before ,i remember the Dr saying " nothing we can do today go home " eventually after several phone calls and allot of chasing ,i was told nothing to worry about on MRI and that i was being referred to a nureo . a nureo apponitment was going to be months away ,so i ended up paying private ,to try and speed things up ,after first consultation ,he said i have nerve damage and needed to find out why . i have had a brain MRI which showed nothing ,evoked potentials showed nothing ,another heat sensitivity test showed nothing . over the summer my symptoms became much worse ,loss of bowel and bladder control ,very tired ,headaches ,pain in my shoulder ,elbow and wrist and back ,tingling ,restless legs ,and the past few weeks pain eating ,like electric shock,and my hearing going strange .I still have a numb leg and have trouble walking very far ,and numb groin . i have seen the nureo this week ,he said as the other tests have shown nothing he wont do a lumber puncture ,so im in for a repeat spine MRI in November ,if nothing has changed he wont see me again but if something has he will . he said he thinks i have MS but will not confirm a diagnosis because its not bad enough yet to show on a clinical test .I have had the worst time ever lately ,I am so fed up with it all ,I am a photographer and been struggling doing weddings all over the summer ,scared i would wet myself or worse ,struggling with pain ,and so tired it was taking over a week to get over just one one days work ,so next year i am not working so much and i fear i may have to give up what i love . anyone else been in this situation .