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A fish bowl: depersonalization

Hey MS community, You might be able to help me understand something better. Since 4 years I've been experiencing this weird out-of-body feeling. I compare it with a fish bowl: as if everything happens outside you, but it doesn't seem real, because there's a faint (flou) film between me and the world. Sounds sound hollow and slow, my body feels light and then sometimes very slow. It feels like my hands are not mine and if I look at myself it feels like I'm not that person. It also worsens every year. Another metaphor: at any moment a film director could come up and say 'cut!', then everyone leaves for their break and I can finally think 'see! this wasn't real after all'. It's super weird and makes me feel disconnected from myself, my surroundings and my friends and family. It's because of this feeling that I eventually went to a neuropsychiatrist, who then referred me to an MRI, a year after I was diagnosed with MS. Both neurologists (my first and second one) whom I asked about this said that this isn't a symptom of MS, or not that they've heard of. To me this seems really strange. This feeling is best described by the terms 'depersonalisation' and 'derealisation'. I'm sure it also has to do with depression, which I already have a genetic tendency for. My questions to you are: does anyone of you experience this as well? Any tips for how to deal with this? Many thanks, it feels good to share this.

Yes it’s with depression for me I’m Asperger as well felt like this as long as I remember


I also wonder if it might be like brain fog? You're there but not really and can easily make you feel disconnected. Kim