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New to starting treatment RRMS

Hi everyone! It’s taken a lot to write this post but I feel I wanted to share. I have been fortunate enough to be diagnosed young and have not experienced many direct symptoms of MS (only tingling feet last year when I got diagnosed). I have recently started Kesimpta treatment and honestly my body has been reacting to it fine. But the last two weeks it really hit me (6 weeks after starting treatment). It’s not even MS symptoms but the anxiety of having it and I was very much in denial to start with. I start to question everything about myself, if I’m good at my job, if I’m a good friend, daughter etc. I haven’t slept consistently in two weeks (was prescribed a sleeping tablet and then diazepam)- I slept more yesterday but it feels like it’s taken a lot out of me. I also work full time- they have been kind to give me this week off but I even worry about that. How did everyone get back to themselves and a somewhat normal routine? Work, Socialising etc

Welcome @gennya and well done for taking the step to post here! It really takes a lot out of you emotionally in the beginning! I won't lie to you and say that goes away completely, the emotional impact will rear it's head from time to time but IT DOES get easier! You'll start to wrap your brain around it in parts and find ways to deal with the anxiety! The best advice I can give is to take it slowly and try to be kind to yourself! 👍🏻 I eventually found that humour really helped me... my parter and I now refer to my very aggressive onset as "The Brain Party"! 😝 Another user on here once said something that really stuck with me... "I have MS, MS doesn't have me!" 👌🏻 You've got this and please reach out any time! 😊 xx


I started on kesimpta around a month ago first injection hit me like a train but been fine with others but I am prown for side affects of any medication but it’s strate forward to take and it must be easy if iam saying it 😂 hope it gose well for you best of luck