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Feeling so low (help)

Hi everyone, my name is Gemma. It's been months and months since I've been on here so please be with me while I have a moan. I was diagnosed with MS back in 2014 and since then I've had 4major relapses, 2while taking tecfidera in the last 10months! In the last 6mths or so it's finally hit home that I have MS and that it's had a impact on my life. Not saying I can't do anything but I certainly have to think about my day and plan. I've always been so independent and due to being a stubborn cow I still won't ask for help so then I struggle more! I have 2children 4&9 and two stepchildren. I was on tablets to help with nerve pain but they weren't helping so switched me to pregablin, after being on them for 6wks my Dr took me off them as my depression to me was worse and I was struggling with my bowel movements and I already suffer with IBS! Anyways I'm struggling to talk to anyone because they don't understand and just say I'm being stupid, drs won't give me anything, they said I've got to go on a stress management course! I also have anxiety issues and won't go anywhere New on my own or travel far. I'm also having another face to face medical nxt wk and I'm crapping myself coz I don't want them judging me on that day if I'm feeling OK. Please help as no one close to me understands :)