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Fix up; Look sharp (steroids remix).

So, next month I am going to a good friends wedding. Like the main event, meal and everything. I haven't told many people about my diagnosis and in an attempt to get my head around wtf is going on I have been a hermit. Therefore, a very small select group have seen me walk like Mr Soft or know I have a walking stick / walker. This is going to be lots of uni friends and I have a reputation to uphold (LOL). For a few days after taking steroids my walking improves slightly (in my head I AM Mr Universe xD ). So after setting the scene, my question is: Do you think my friendly local GP will be my Dr feelgood and prescribe me some of that prednisolone stuff for the wedding? So I can walk all dapper? at least in my head? Thomas x

And don't forget the dancing. I will tap dance like Bruce Forcyth in his 90's.


Honestly all you can do is ask, my Neuro will give me steroids if I have a big event coming up and just need that boost. Never hurts to ask.