Hello MSrs

Hi. My real name is Anna and I was diagnosed three months ago, just before my 44th birthday. I've only had one relapse, but it was big, knocked me flat on my butt, and even after steriods, and now ocrevys, I'm still feeling it. I was always pretty healthy, no smoking, drinking, recreational substances... found out after diagnosis I have two distant cousins that have MS, no one else in my family... I ran my own doggy business for nearly 15 years, which I had to close, I have two kids, 11 and 14, a wonderful husband, very supportive parents that live close by, four dogs, 1 cat and two extremely large gold fish. I keep hoping I'll wake up and my body won't hurt...and then I wake up. I spend a lot of time in prayer and meditation. Just looking for friendship and support. I like to help others and share everyday gratitude for the small things. I'm taking ocrevus for a dmt, and a slew of vitamins and supplements that might help, but won't hurt. I hope everyone on here has a blessed and healthy day.