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Dx atypical ms/ seronegative nmo

Hi when I was 9 I had an attack of ADEM with extensive lesions in the brain and spinal cord, I was treatwd with steroids and had made " a very good recovery" then years later when I was 17 ( November 2018 attack)i woke up with blurred vision in both my eyes ( bilateral optic neuritis) they had told me that I had optic neuritis in both eyes and that it would clear up. At the same time they did an MRI and found that I had lesions at C4/5 c3 and c6 and old thoracic lesion and and a cerebellar penduncle. Iam now almost 19 and have been okay up until the last few months December 2018 I staryed having walking issues weak intermittent legs that would come and ago and then in march 23rd 2019 I had another bout of bilateral optic neuritis and I am currently going through this . Iam in limbo land as they have still not told me if I have atycial ms or seronegative nmo. As I was negative for aquporin 4 antibody, oligoclonal bands not detected and no mog antibodies. Any thoughts with anyone on what could this be nmo or ms or even adem



@yusuf_hassan , that sounds so frustrating for you. Neurologists have to satisfy the requirements of the McDonald criteria to allow them to make a diagnosis of MS. Understanding these criteria might help you :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/mcdonald-criteria