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Starting DMD nerves...................

Hi everyone, well I've done it I made the decision to start Tecfidera after lots of questions and worries fired at my MS Nurse this seemed the most effective option to me at present and with regular monitoring risks seemed a bit more manageable to process. But now I've been contacted to advise my first doses are due to be delivered at the end of the week I'm starting to freak out. People around me just don't seem to understand, to me this is a big thing but with comments of "it only a couple of pills to take don't know why your stressing" I just feel like I'm over reacting and shouldn't be feeling anxious about starting DMD, As someone who doesn't even like taking a tablet for a headache taking tablets everyday is a big deal to me. Did you guys feel worried and anxious for starting on a DMD how did you overcome these feelings?

I did when starting tecfidera. But definitely glad I chose this medication. Very easy. Very little side effects - only ever experienced flushing when not eaten enough whilst taking tablets. Just think your taking it to help prevent the damage in the long run. It’s really helped me and I was very scared to begin with x


I was really anxious when I was about to start taking tecfidera, I just took each day at a time and after a few weeks it became the new normal. I find eating good meals when I take the tablets really helps keep my tummy settled and I have very few side effects. I’ve been on it for a few months now and I find it great, it’s really given me a new boost of energy. Wish you all the best, I hope it goes as well for you.