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How long did it take to get your official diagnosis?

I have traced my first symptoms back 1989. I was officially diagnosed this past January. I went to different doctors and E.Rs over the years, but I was always told they had no idea what was wrong with me and that the issues will probably just go away.... UGH!! I now know that the different issues I was having over the years have names!! MS Hug was one - that made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack or my lungs were failing. Synesthesia was another - that one was doing all kinds of funny things with my legs and arms. Paresthesias was another - scared the heck out of me when my hands went beet red and started burning, then going numb, then burning again. None of things even got me a prescription let alone a diagnosis. It wasn't until I started losing vision in my right eye that I finally had a doctor say "This looks like something is happening with your brain. Let's send you for an MRI." So the brain MRI got me sent to a neurologist who sent me for a spinal MRI. Turns out I have 6 very large lesions in my brain and over a dozen down my spine.... I sometimes wonder if I would have less scarring and deficits if I had been diagnosed many years earlier and started on the DMDs (Disease Modifying Drugs). Wonder and doubt never helped anyone though, so I don't dwell on it. I was in all honesty releived and almost giddy when I got my diagnosis... weird huh? The reason was that my twitching and shaking were getting worse each year and I thought that I might have Parkinson's Disease (which in my opinion is much worse in some respects than MS). And now I have a name to put onto all of these crazy things happening to my body. I have something of substance to look at it and have a chance to fight against!! I hear a lot of people that say their life ended when they got the diagnosis... I feel that I got some of my sanity back and a path forward to taking some control back over my body, mind and environment.



I think everyone had a tale, or horror story, of their route to diagnosis. I was like you. I was relieved that my enemy had been identified. Now, I knew its name, I could find out all about it. Understand its strengths and weaknesses. We have to look forward as the past is history, but we can shape the future.........



Was very quick for me, optic neuritis in May 11 & told it could develop to MS, Nov that year a big relapse & diagnosed within that month after an MRI scan. Wish I felt like you guys, relief. For me I'm *still* grieving, I turn 24 next week & it feels like a constant battle & hard to keep thoughts on the good things in life.



I agree with @stumbler we all have our stories ... I personally had 3 years of problems and was diagnosed in April this year which came as a relief to me too as I knew what I was fighting and I could do my own research. I have just had another relapse which made me think why me again! But I will continue fighting the fight and I'm looking forward (well I am at the moment lol) to starting my DMD's when I get home from Torremolinos at the end of the month. Stay well xx



dx in 1987 when my youngest was 6 months, up until that time the neurologist I was registered with would not put me through any investigations telling me it would probably make me worse and ride through it till it settled down. Had just about enough when lost all feeling in right hand. Change of Neurologist, did all tests at St Mary's, Paddington and MRI scan and hey presto got my diagnosis. Was told by the new Neurologist that I had MS from childhood. Had Bells Palsy when I was 18 and this he said was the first physical sign that I had MS! Wow been a long journey ever since! Its now 2013 and am still battling and not giving up!!! Keep fighting everyone......



Hi all DX in 12month but had it for longer when i look back been DX 4years now dont forget REFUSE TO LOSE hell yeh



I was lucky to be diagnosed about a year after my first noticeable symptoms but was so well again by the time I got the diagnosis that part of me didn't really believe it for quite a while and the first relapse after diagnosis was probably almost as emotional and upsetting as the diagnosis itself. Six years on now and I'm still well , still stubborn and still in charge!



Diagnosed 7 years ago, once I finally went to the doctor to ask about my numb leg and hands :p Took about 6 months from that visit to final diagnoses I think, no lumbar puncture due to bleeding disorder, just an MRI that clearly showed lesions. Probably had symptoms since I was a teen, but chalked things up to being clumsy :p (probably a bit of both MS and just clumsy lol)



I didn't expect my diagnosis of RRMS, however, I always knew something was wrong for probably 5 years. Kept going to the doctor with numbness and vertigo and other small things that were always pegged as being anxiety. I finally went to the eye doctor for poor vision in my right eye and was sent for MRI from there was sent to a neurologist and received my diagnosis on my first visit, and was started on copaxone.



If I trace it back from the first most probable MS symptom I had then probably 2years, more or less. If I trace it from when I was admitted in the hospital due to an optic neuritis then 5months. Lets put it this way, the symptoms I had were annoying but not persistent enough to take me to an ER and the fatigue I though was due to depression. As u, I too felt relieved for finally have the diagnosis. =)



First symptoms in 1974. Had several relapses of sensory and optical symptoms until about 1995 when mobility problems started. Been going downhill (feels like uphill) since Only ever had a clinical diagnosis based on symptom analysis.



I'm 21 and got diagnosed 29th Jan this year. The symptoms began 4 weeks earlier. The more I hear about others diagnoses the more I can't believe how fast and lucky mine was.