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Awake | A film exploring the link between insomnia, mental health and MS

'AWAKE' 🛌💤😪 is a short film by Shift.ms that explores the interplay between #MultipleSclerosis, sleep and mental health. It is an experimental documentary film that unfolds over one night. Voices from real late-night phone calls are woven together to reflect on life and death from the unique perspective of those experiencing both insomnia and a neurological disease. Lack of sleep can have a serious impact on people living with MS. Insomnia can heighten symptoms and have a negative impact on MSers quality of life 🛌💤😪 Shift.ms research found that 85% of MSers experience insomnia and 75% of these MSers believe that it has some impact on their mental health and wellbeing. Do you experience insomnia? What goes through your mind when you're lying awake in bed? Do you have any tips for coping with sleeplessness? Watch it here: https://shift.ms/films/awake #insomnia #awake #sleeplessness #mentalhealth

Great Film! My sleep has significantly improved ever since I started on a daily bolus of C. Indica before bed. Also, exercise during the day - to get your body to nail the activity/rest cycle, it needs to actually be active. Yoga and meditation are great to become more mindful of your body and mind. Finally, I have a couple of favourite sleep/nap/soundscape podcasts. It's amazing how sounds of nature, rain, even (the quieter parts) of a city, on noise cancelling headphones, can help. I use those mostly for power naps during the day. Which is another thing - naps are great, and teeeempting. But if you nap, keep it to 20 to 45 minutes. Any longer, and it's daytime sleeping, and that doesn't help the nighttime insomnia. Sounds: https://sugafly.net/ - Long (1h+) soundscapes, mostly of various types of rain https://ignaciocantisano.com/soundscapes - those are more "Arty", binaural soundscapes, but there are couple of great ones. https://anchor.fm/sleep-and-study-soundscapes - What it says on the tin https://www.sleepandrelaxasmr.com/ - more of the same - more ASMR geared Also some guided sleep meditations: https://www.trackstorelax.com/ https://www.sleepcove.com/ I've pasted the source websites, obviously subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. They're all on podcasts.google.com, because this is what I use - and their android app is good.