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Hello from me

I’m located in a small town two hours north of Detroit. I was diagnosed originally with RRMS. Over the next two years or so things progressed. I now am POMS. I was on ocrevus a year ago. After the firs one I got gravely sick. The newest neurologist is going to put me through the diagnosis process again and put me on another medication. She told me ocrevus shouldn’t have been prescribed for me as it is known to negatively impact women. Anyways… I’m 51 years old, married to a great man and have my son who is turning 20 in February and a daughter who turns 17 that same mont, 6 days later. I’m curious.. I’m sitting at WWE Monday Night Raw in a cold arena. Did your ability to process cold and hot change? I see an obgyn in December to rule our menopause. Of course I am that age.

Good morning. I am 52 years old, diagnosed in 2005 with RRMS. My primary issues are crazy fatigue and temperature dis-regulation. Years ago, I remember being in an all day seminar in a cold room. By mid morning I was achy and then realized by mid day it was absolutely excruciating. ICY cold burning. This was around 2010 when I first realized cold environment was doing something to me. Now, I have to be careful going to the colder section of the grocery store…because it sets me off burning. I have learned my optimal temp is 72 degrees. And for me being warmer than 72 is all good. Hot weather relieves my pain a lot and does’t cause symptoms, as it does for others with MS. Just got an electric scarf from my son and electric socks. Also have electric blanket and heavy robe. How does the cold/cool environment affect you? Does anything provide you relief? Best wishes that they find you a better fit for you treatment!