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Switching treatment😶‍🌫️ OCREVUS vs KESIMPTA

Hi everyone, I need some advice please🙏... So ..I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2020..I've been on Tysabri for last 2 years.. my very first treatment after diagnosis.. Unfortunately i tested positive for JCV. Had my MRI done in august as my consultant suspected a relapse after a bad vertigo attack in february. It came back with no new lesions and no contrast enhancements..so that's good.. But my recent JC test showed that it became active...still low levels but active... And as my MS is under control ..being steady...my consultant doesn't want to risk PML ..and wants me to consider other options. I've been giving 4 treatment options ...1 was off the list from start..Mavecland excluded too ..don't do great with pills ..sometimes i forget to take them. 😅 The other 2 option that he highly recommend are Ocrevus and Kesimpta. I am leaning towards Kesimpta ..injections at home ... I understood ocrevus it long hours drip ...plus they're asking me to shield 5 weeks for first dose...then 3 weeks..and i have a kid... no childcare...will be quite difficult. Can anyone tell me please about your experiences with Kesimpta.. What side effects you had ..and ...does it hurts ? 😬

Hi, I chose kesimpta because it was convenient and meant less time in hospital which is a bonus for me, the injection is in the form of an epi pen device, you simple push, the needle goes in, wait a few seconds for the dose to be delivered then release, simple. You inject once per month and store your injection in the fridge until its needed, when you start, you inject once per week for three weeks miss a week then have one more injection these are the loading doses then you move to monthly injections, I had side effects on the first dose, felt like I was coming down with the flu shacky tired etc, went to bed for a few hours then was fine if a little tired, apart from that I've been fine and no other side effects after the first dose, I've been on it over a year now. I inject once per month in my legs I don't even find the injections hurt, a little scratch at most. The injections are delivered to my door normal get three at a time so last me three months, store them in the fridge and take out 15-20 mins before I inject to warm up a little, you have to inject on same date each month if I'm away somewhere I can easily take injection with me in a cool bag. Hope this helps and good luck with your choice.


@leigh37 , thank you so much for your answer . It does help me, doesn't sound bad at all. I think i will go with Kesimpta. It is more convenient ..no more travel to hospital ...and i have a 6 yo ...and no childcare...so this will be great . Thank you again .😊