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Methylprednisolene 500mg x 5 days

I was diagnosed with MS at the end of November & am currently awaiting my appointment with the MS nurse to discuss DMD treatment options. In the meantime I was offered a short 5 day steroid course….currently on day 4 but am now concerned by some stories I’ve read regarding dreadful withdrawal symptoms once you stop?! Is this as bad as it sounds? Has anyone gone against the advice of their neurologist and tapered off instead of stopping suddenly to reduce the risk of shock to your system? Any thoughts/experiences would be hugely appreciated, thank you!

It might be worth giving your team a call and asking about a taper. I did always think steroid treatment required a taper dose. Four years ago I was on steroids, I think it was a week course and I did taper (I'm not sure of the mg dose I was on though). Re symptoms, the steroids helped with a debilitating headache and once i'd tapered off the drugs I had a very slight return of this but it resolved completely soon after and I had no other symptoms or side effects of coming off the drug. My other m.s symptoms of numbness, speech problems and a few other things were unhelped by the steroids and didn't get any worse when I tapered off the drugs, luckily they resolved after a few months. Best wishes


I had a course of steroids once for optic neuritis - don’t remember any side effects when they finished x