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Dietary changes - eg overcoming MS

Hi all, my partner has MS (diagnosed summer last year) and so far she is doing great on treatment. I want to be doing whatever I can to support and I am the house cook a lot of the time. I see a lot of things out there about dietary changes (some of them quite extreme) and I was wondering whether anyone had found anything substantive had come from it? Of course if a change of diet will make a difference it is worth trying - we are healthy eaters anyway. But also I am wary of the negative impact of completely cutting off dairy / meat / alcohol / caffeine etc, as these are everyday pleasures. Would be great to hear people's experiences.

Its so nice that your partner has someone so supportive and kind,, im exploring dietry changes myself,, dairy free etc the oms diet is worth looking at xx


as if with all lifestyle changes, it's probably a good idea anyway but hard to tell if it'll affect the progression of MS. i wouldn't say it's really necessary to cut out any of the things listed above, although quitting smoking immediately is advisable. i added more fish to my diet and moved to a sunny place to reverse my vitamin D deficiency. more exercise is just as valuable as a better diet