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Lemtrade breakthrough relapses :(

Hi, After having Lemtrada in 2016/2017 & being relapse free since, I've had two back to back relapses and will be switching treatments. The neuro is keen on Tysabri, but has also talked about Ocrelizumab, Kesimpta and Cladribine. I feel overwhelmed 😕 Does anyone have personal experience of these drugs to share, in particular Kesimpta and Tysabri? I've got a busy life with four children and a dog, so would love as little side effects as possible! Thanks 😊

Before I had Lemtrada (same years as you) I had previously been on Tysabri. It was the best for me, I loved it. I only came off as my jcv level had been far too high. I wouldn't say there was a lot of symptoms at least none that come to mind other than a headache afterhaving it, I definitely knew when my next round was due though. I kinda felt like my body had slowed down compared to how I felt when it was first administered (hope that makes sense). Whatever you decide to choose, good luck! 🙂


You are not alone