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My relapsing remitting ms

I've had ms for 18 yrs now got diagnosed when I was 27 im on tysabri excellent med I haven't had a relapse for about 10 yrs since I started it but if anyone has any questions I will trt and help I walk still just can't walk for long distance like walmart for that I use my manual wheelchair I'm pretty positive you have to be with ms do not let it win live life to the fullest happy holidays

@michelle_grimstad , you just have to keep doing what you're doing, as it's working for you. But it's always nice to read a feel-good post.


Hi, I'm Jo i'm 45, I've had ms since I was 23/24, but officially for 21 years. Am I an expert? No Does it still bother me? Not like it did Has it stopped me doing anything? Has it stopped me doing something I wanted to? Maybe, I wanted to have 6 children, but I've got less than I wanted. But I've never wanted to go to the jungle or Antarctica. So who knows. What I do now, is what I've always wanted to do, I'm a volunteer at a community radio station. Would I have done it if I didn't have ms? Probably not, but maybe I'd have been able to do something similar for pay. But the people that I know through the radio are for the most a lovely bunch who do make allowances for me. Without doing things for me. They have allowed me to be Jo and to be included as Jo. Not as Jo the woman with ms. Am I happy? Yes, I think I am