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Gilenya and blurred vision - new here :)

Hi everyone, I was recently diagnosed after 8 years of denial (CIS but not started on treatment as wanted children then ignored multiple attacks over the last 4 years, very good at coming up with alternative explanations such as migratory disc prolapse!). I started on Gilenya 4 weeks ago and have had mild but annoying blurry vision ever since starting it. I spoke to the MS nurse a few weeks ago who said to have my eyes checked and there was no sign of macular oedema but the vision has stayed the same and I have been getting a lot of pain behind my eyes, mild pain with eye movement and the pain often evolves into migraines on the side that the eye pain is worse at the time. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with Gilenya and if they did, did it go away? I have been under a lot of stress lately so it is a little hard to tell whether the pain is just due to stress related migraines. Any help would be appreciated, I feel a little like I'm going insane at the moment :) :(.

@marmizuko , it is too coincidental to have the symptoms of macular oedema, a potential side effect of Gilenya, so soon after starting this medication. Get back in contact with your MS Nurse and discuss stopping the Gilenya and moving to an alternative treatment. Your sight is too important to your well being.


I agree with talking to your ms nurse. Relapses in the eyes are the most scary ones. I have been taking Gilenya for the last nearly 4 years. While on the madication i have had a relapse in my eyes seeing double long distance when i was driving, it took moths until it went away. I agree it seems to soon to be linked to gilenya. Unfortunately gilenya will not stop completelyy the relapses so you expect relapses appearing but in my experience less dramatically. Take it easy. If the ms nurse/doctor advises you to stay on the medication do not stop it.... Also a small number of patients me included experience a rebound effect when stopping which means relapses coming even stonger when immune system goes back to normal. Take care xx