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JC, PML, MS........ BFN

BFN (Bloody F*king Norah) Hello all Just got back from my 3 monthly neurology appointment, and it wasn't great. (woop-de-shit Marjolie! now there's a surprise) *note for readers: words in brackets (like these) is what I'm really thinking at any given time. (hm, perhaps I should come with subtitles....rude subtitles, with big sweary balls attached.) Anyway, I've been tested today at the hospital for something called the JC Virus, has anyone heard of this? (Jesus Christ! (on a bike)) apparently JC can lead to PML (Piss Myself Laughing?) or progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy to those in the know (however, I do not care for Pregnant Marmot Linguistics, nor any other variations there of.) So, I've got to go and have another dye-job MRI scan (yay to number 4 and fingers crossed maybe i'll finally be beamed aboard the starship enterprise with Jean Luc Picard, waiting for me naked holding a cup of tea. Damn, said too much.) anyway- to summarise, hopefully if I'm just having relapse number 3 (shitting shit it) rather than Progressing onto stage 2 of the world-MS-fuck-stick-championships.(poxy pox it) then there is no cause for alarm. (be cool bird) However, I am feeling that terrible black hole trying to suck me back in. (Danger Will Robinson Danger) Cheesy Peas I would swear right now if I could think of some appropriate words. Any words of wisdom dear folks, or will you, like me, PML? (this is pure comedy genius thank you MS for giving me lots to swear about) Marjolie x Black 'Ole Location Lead Occupational Ceaseless Kitten Soloist (Do I really need to spell it out?)