Sciensus keep leaving me with no meds!

Hi, Has anyone else had experience with Sciensus leaving you without meds? I have been on Gilenya (fingolimod) for a couple of years no issues and suddenly they “have a new computer system” and I have been delivery failed 5 times now, last month resulting in no meds for a week, huge flare up and feeing really quite unwell still now. The call handler told me I didn’t need a delivery as I can miss for 2 weeks! This month they have cancelled/failed delivery 3 times and I am about to run out yet again as they cannot sort a themselves out. 40 mins plus on the phone, don’t even get me started on the new “wonder” app. This company scare me leaving myself and probably many other without meds. Is this just me or are other having issues? They claim to have merged my details with someone else’s also, told me I don’t know my own surname and called me a blatant liar so far despite having the phone records showing my constant calls……..I wish I could get this medication from somewhere else!