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Who knew adopting a dog would be so difficult

I've been thinking about adopting a rescue dog for a while now. I'm finally settled in my home, have found a good work life balance and have my health (somewhat) under control. In other words, now is as a good a time as any and I feel ready to welcome a dog into my home. I'd been searching for a while and I found a great rescue with really great reviews. There were 2 dogs I was interested in so I got in touch. I explained a bit about me, including that I have MS but that it is well managed and does not affect my ability to care for a dog. I was told that the first dog was not available so I enquired about the second. I was then told that, having a dog is a long term commitment and that they didn't think that I would be right to take in a dog because of my 'diagnosis'. I've sent follow up emails explaining what MS is and how this affects me, about my support system, that I am prepared and have done lots of research, that I've owned a dog in the past etc. I've heard nothing back. Never thought I'd actually face discrimination when trying to adopt a dog. Both dogs are still available for adoption 2 weeks after I enquired...

That's awful and could be classed as disability discrimination ! If I was you I'd look for another rescue centre . I have an 18mth old Whippet and whilst challenging at times I manage to walk him and let him off for a run nearby. I wouldn’t have got him if I felt I couldn't care for him properly. He's not a rescue dog but there are so many dogs out there that need a good home. I hope you find a furry best friend x


😔=your experience 🖕= for ignorance, attitude & discrimination 💪✊👍👊🤞= keep fighting & I very much second what @mutley64 has said 🤝☝️🫂