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My mum got miss diagnosed as having secondary progressive ms long story but now in hospital had mri and has now been told it’s relapsing and remitting and she’s currently having a relapse that’s been going on since January. She’s to get 1000mg steroids for three days starting today. This relapse has attacked her spine and made it almost impossible for her to walk. Does anyone know do the steroids speed up the length of the relapse and will her walking get better or once it’s been as bad as this will she be left with lack of mobility? We are very new to this and very confused. Thanks

Yes the steroids should speed up recovery. But she won't know until the relapse has ended what damage had been done. Have a look at MS trust website. https://mstrust.org.uk/a-z/steroids-methylprednisolone


@lframe If your mum has a mortgage see if she has critical illness cover. It cover MS.