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In need of treatment advice - Kesimpta vs Ocrevus

Hi guys! I had a Tysabri infusion last week and was told I had tested positive for JCV, It also happened to be my 24th infusion, so it was potentially my last Tysabri infusion. I had a call from my MS Nurse to say that my neurologist wants to re-test, so I have to go in again for bloods. However, she sent me two alternative treatment options which I received today. They are Ocrevus and Kesimpta. I was originally offered Ocrevus but didn't like the sound of it due to not being allowed to get pregnant whilst on it but the other option of Kesimpta seems to say the same thing. I'm now in a complete rutt as to which treatment is suitable for me, Tysabri was perfect. I'm 26 and don't want to have to 'plan' when to have children in the future. Does anyone have any advice/ experiences with either treatment? It's also hit my mental health pretty bad, after two years on Tysabri I had finally come to terms with it all and now I feel like I'm back at the start, not knowing if treatments will work or what the future looks like. Has anyone else experienced this when having to change treatment and how did you deal with it? Sorry for the long post, but any help is appreciated :)

Hi Laura I had the same thing happen to me I was JCV positive so had to switch to Kesimpta. I was also gutted as I was doing fine on Tysabri for 2 years and was used to it. I have been on Kesimpta for a year now you can inject at home which is very easy and the side effects are minimal. Have you talked to your team about what you would do if you want to plan for pregnancy ie when would you stop treatment before trying to conceive etc? Happy to answer any questions I can 😊


@Jo_Lake Thanks for your reply! I talked to my nurse very briefly about it when she told me I was positive, but didn’t go into too much detail. When I go in for bloods I’m going to speak to them more. On the MS Society website it seems that the rules changed in 2022 so you are able to stay on Kesimpta till you are pregnant, so hopefully that’s correct and the brochure I was given is just out of date. How did you find the side effects of Kesimpta vs Tysabri, was it the same sort of side effects for you?