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Covid vaccines made MS worse yes or no???

Long story short Officially diagnosed 2020 but have had all the issues for over 25 years and neurologist can see old lesions dating back to this time Issues every couple of years then I went back to normal and I was a gym bunny and a runner ( half marathons) Then I had the covid vaccines and everything became worse and every vaccine ( 3 in total) issues became worse Has anyone else experienced this ?? It could be coincidence but my issues are not going back to normal and I now have to walk with a stick full time No new lesions on MRI so no reason for it I have reacted to the DMTs offered and to the flu jab so I am going down the route if no medication Anyone else refusing DMT ???

@KerryA I've had six vaccines now and nothing has changed for me. Have you heard of smouldering MS? Google it. It may go some way to explaining why you are getting progressively worse but nothing is appearing on your MRIs. DMTs - entirely your choice. However, may I suggest you take a look at the following video from Dr Aaron Boster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgyz0AYt1QA&t=6s


Haven’t watched the video yet but it’s not that I’m choosing not to have DMT, I am saying my body is reacting to any medication Will watch it later Thanks for responding xx