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Can you drink alcohol whilst taking Amantadine

Hi I’m new to this site but my husband has recently joined and saw some really positive things said about this drug. My husband has been prescribed this and started taking this week. A friend of his is very concerned about the medication side of things and today he has looked at drugs.com website and sent me the link highlighting “Do not drink alcohol. Dangerous side effects could happen”!! Now obviously this has greatly concerned me. I checked the info in the packet of meds and it doesn’t give that serious warning it just says “be careful when drinking alcohol whilst taking Amantadine, it may affect you more than usual”. His MS neurologist said it’s ok to drink guiness. I wondered what you think of this alcohol warning from the drugs.com, or what your experience has been. The diagnosis was sept 2021 and it’s been difficult to work out what is best between what the pros offer and cautious and concerned friends and relatives. Many thanks. J

Lots of drugs say avoid alcohol. I think everything in moderation really and I'm not advocating drinking but I enjoy the odd glass of wine and G&T.


When i am going to have a drink,I stay off Amantadine as drinking on it makes me drunk faster