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Relapse #6

Bugger bugger bugger and other non written words. 6 in 2 years despite Tysabri and Gilenya. And the let up will happen when...? So back in hospital. Having day #3 of methylpred today after having some major balance problems and ataxia during the week (started falling on Wednesday). Filling cranky as my neuro physio was about to lift my workplace restrictions (after she was going to talk to my neuro, and I'd seem him in about a month). But now I'm back at bloody square one where I'm furniture crawling to the bathroom (a good 4 meters away), and looking at more bloody rehab and time off work (have a total of 3.46 hrs of sick leave due to having bladder Botox 3 weeks ago and took sick leave then for anaesthetic (works brilliantly, BTW, thank goodness for small mercies). Told my neuro team to shove their walking frame, I'm 28 for goodness sake. So now won't be seen by physio till Tuesday (being labeled as non-compliant, me thinks). Grrraaaahhhh! So feeling lost and need a hug. :-( Jas
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