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Sexual Dysfunction 😏

So…this is a topic that people don’t tend to talk about but being a young person trying to juggle all of my symptoms, this one has mentally beaten me quite a bit. I have spinal lesions so my sexual response has been impacted. The main problem being a lack of desire and I have exhausted myself trying to combat this issue. I know that there are medications for female libido and millions of supplements out there that may work although not sure if the lack of brain signals would just further block any benefit from these supplements but I wondered if anyone has had any luck or can share some advice on this? The obsessive pursuit has likely exacerbated my lack of desire as well as the performance anxiety around erections lol but it’s mentally draining!

I can relate.... I have almost zero libodo and I never know whether to assign it to ms, my medication, or the mental battle of coming to terms with my diagnosis.. or the fact that I have a 2 year old who keeps me busy and tired! I don't k ow if/what supplements would help with female or male libido, but if anyone can suggest anything that would help either of us that would be great! Good luck


It's a strain on the relationship too. It impacts me two different ways. If I don't focus on continuous sensation it goes away. That cause my wife to feel insufficient. Dealt with that for 2 years. With the recent relapse, it added a quicker, almost sudden release/climax. The past week, numbness has presented the too. It's a mess of a situation that just doesn't make sense.