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Hello and advice on Ocrelizumab

Hello everyone, this is a new experience for me talking to other MSers and not just the nurse or consultant. I got diagnosed with RRMS in 2015 but have experienced symptoms since around 2000. I had my first relapse since diagnosed in February this year, I recovered fine with steroids and even though the MRI's showed no new legions my Consultant has proposed new meds. I'm currently on Avonex beta interferon but have been offered Ocrelizumab, I'm a bit concerned about the potential side effects on this drug and the PML risk. Any advice gratefully appreciated.

Hi, I’ve been taking ocrevus since 2019 and it’s been fine so far but I get why you are worried about the risks, my brain lesions had actually shrunk on my last mri scan. You do have a full blood count every 6 months before your treatment to check for things like that.


Do you have a JCV+ titre in at high risk of PML and Ocrelizumab is one of the ones I can take. I've found it easy and effective