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Newly diagnosed - treatment or not

Hi everyone! I do need a bit of help and I'm trying to keep as short as possible. I could call myself a newly diagnosed, though it has been almost a year since my first MRI and the discovery of lesions. Briefly, in December 2021 started to hear some sounds (like music), for about 5 minutes in the morning after waking up, it was like hearing music that came from another room, not loud at all. In about 1-2 months I realized that it was not from an external source and was something like a musical hallucination. Went to ENT ( ORL) who sent me to Neurology for further investigations. I have had zero other symptoms until now, but the MRI shows about 70 lesions in the brain, two or three on the spine of which one is active ( I had an MRI in April 2022 and in November 2022, the active one is from November). I had a spinal tap which resulted in positive oligoclonal bands. Now, my doctor wants me to start treatment, even though I have no other symptoms and I should choose between Tecfidera and Ocrevus. My dilemma/ question is: Is anyone out there with a similar pathway, numerous lesions, and no symptoms? Have you started a treatment, is it too soon to start one from your experience? I feel like, I am doing good now and I have to experience all the side effects of treatment, though I don't know how the condition will evolve. For those having the condition for a longer period of time, do you think that would have helped you more to start the treatment earlier? Thank you so very much for reading this far.

@Georgy Hi and welcome to the club. Your English is far better than my Albanian... Not sure how your health care system works, have you or can you get access to disease modifying therapy? If so choose the most effective one they offer. It's to stop you from getting further attacks, and getting worse. As early as possible if you can. Wish you luck.


Hi. I agree with above. I would advise taking the most effective drug that you are happy with. Unfortunately, no drug (at present) can fix the damage that has already happened. Plus, all drugs come with side effects. DMTs try to minimise, or stop disease progression for the future. I take ocrevus. This DMT has been shown to be 75% effective. I am not sure about Tecfidera🤷‍♀️. I definitely would recommend finding out all you can about your options, and making an informed choice that is best for you. Good luck.