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Bladder problems

I’m still waiting on neurology appointment since February for a diagnosis of MS. Ended up back in hopsital all day today due to losing control of my bladder. Worst thing is it was at work and I don’t think I’ve her been so embarrassed. I didn’t realise I had wet myself until it was too late. I’m so stressed and upset about what happened today and I just want to feel better. I was told by hopsital I should consider short term catheter but I really don’t want this. Instead I’m having to wear adult nappy which at 24yrs old just feels humiliating for me. I just want a diagnosis so that I can start treatment. I have a lumbar puncture next week which I’m nervous about- could anyone please let me know what it’s like and how long it usually takes? For now, I’m back on methylprednisolone (which I hate) and I’m going to work from home as I’m just so embarrassed about this morning. :(

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I know full well what it's like to be young and having to wear bladder protection. I'm 41 now but I had to start wearing them in my 20s. I started to really pay attention to what irritates it, like caffeine, sugars and alcohol. I stopped them altogether and only drink water now. Try to calm it down. And as unpleasant as this sounds, the first accident you have with protection on, will give you so much more confidence in wearing them. You'll be sitting in the bathroom thanking your bladder undies for saving you from embarrassment. Haha There's so much you can buy now to make it easier for you to handle. Get on your computer and Google bladder protection and a whole bunch of different products will come up. You'll be surprised! The lumbar puncture? I'm not going to sugar coat it and say it's nothing to go through. But it also isn't as bad as it sounds. Make sure they have given you enough freezing. Believe it or not, you are the one in control. If you feel anything, you yell stop and ask for more freezing or wait till it's fully set in. You will be tired after and will need to rest. It's also best to drink lots of water or juice when you're done too. I know that's not what you need with an extreme overactive bladder. Maybe wear good protection that day. It'll be okay. I know it's so hard to deal with, but you will learn how to get around it. Stay calm and deep breathe through your puncture. You only have to do it once thankfully. I really hope the doctor will give you some direction soon as to what's going on. And I know the steroids suck, but you'll end up having a love/hate relationship with them as time goes on. They really do help you to feel better. Good luck with everything. It will be okay! Stay strong and keep your chin up!😊


Thanks for sharing your experience. You are helping so many others who are going through this too. I find that the hardest thing is stopping the pressure to be 'normal' and embracing the changes that keep getting thrown at you. A guy I know describes it as 'adapt and overcome'. If I feel stressed than I think to myself that everyone will have to accept their bodies changing in the end. It just happens a lot earlier to us.....