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Anxiety around immunosuppression

Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice about Ocrevus and immunosuppression, and would love to hear people's honest experiences. I’m newly diagnosed with RRMS and have agreed on Ocrevus with my neuro team. This is what I wanted and I feel confident in my choice; my doctors feel the same as my lumbar puncture showed my MS is quite ‘active’ and in June I had a relapse which wasn’t nice. However: I’ve got a lot of anxiety about the immunosuppression. I feel pretty relaxed about the infusions themselves, but I’m quite scared about the risk of infections when on Ocrevus. I’ve got this image in my head of me walking around, constantly snotty and phleghmy, plagued with coughs/colds/flu/chest infections and worse. I often work in schools which I’m now concerned about, as children are of course the germiest little creatures who spread illnesses like wildfire. I also keep wondering if I’m going to have to make huge lifestyle changes – for example, never putting myself in crowds like at the theatre or in bars. Both things I love to do. So I suppose my questions are… - Is it really as bad as I’m thinking? Will I be 'sick' all the time? - What can I do to reduce the risk of infections? - Can diet and vitamin intake really help, or is it just a placebo? - How do you navigate being immunosuppressed in your day-to-day life? Thanks everyone! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Farah x