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Hello there beautiful people! I'm really edgy so I thought I'd have a rant and get some of it off my chest... It's been a wild ride since my diagnosis, my mum passed away a fortnight before and my alcoholic boyfriend cheated on me before promptly sodding off to detox in those two weeks. He has been to detox twice in the last year and he is now drinking again. That's not all though, oh no, my brother who I live with, in my late mother's house is a shut-in and I suspect he needs help. My ex (not the alcoholic) has spent the last 3 years trying to make sure I don't have a relationship with our two children despite two years of court and visitation order. I have been on autopilot for ages and I think I might just snap. Every time I think about any and or all of these serious things I get little flare-ups, painful spasms and numbness, loss of vision, and just so much fatigue. All the while there is a nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that stress makes my MS flare-up, can't be stressed, don't be stressed!!! ahhhh. I'm then stressed about how stressed I am and I honestly think I'm going to lose my mind. Rant over. think I need a holiday :/

@Ellie_Jones Sorry to hear all that yes you would be under a great amount of stress.Mybonly advice those you really don't need in your life get rid of them they sure are not doing you any good girl, you don't need all that shit forsure. You rant here anytime you need that's why we are here. Good luck to you my dear. Take care🙂


That’s a lot to deal with 😳 I totally get the getting-stressed-about-trying-to-not-get-stressed thing. It’s hard. Hope things get better for you but also rant away when you need to, it’s what we’re all here for 🤗