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Hi! Sorry been a while since I was on here. Thankfully my symptoms have not been causing trouble for at least a year so have been able to put MS to the back of my mind. I'm lucky I guess. But in the last week my best friends daughter has suffered an MS like attack and is now going through the whole diagnosis process which has made me think so much more about it. This is a girl who has had to deal with the breakup of her parents this year which I feel was a trigger for her MS. Mine was a breakdown of a long relationship. Given conversations with other MSers a lot seem to have had major life events and stressful situations that act as a trigger. Also unusually due to past conditions (mild cerebral palsy) she has had historical MRI's over many years which I think could be revealing from a scientific perspective. I don't know about you but the first time I had an MRI was after my first attack so there would be no historical data, but she has that history. Its made me think about what happens before MS, what is it about us that causes the disease to trigger. Is it our personalities? Is it how we deal with situations differently from others? Is there something about how our brain works that can cause this? The research I've found seems to be how neurological diseases affects personality (memory loss, mood swings etc). But nothing much about how personality affects or can cause neurological diseases. I may be looking in the wrong places though. I've got a month off travelling India in a couple of weeks and want to look into this a bit more. Get my head around the subject. Maybe because it's a loved one involved now that makes me more angry and want to get to the bottom of it. But does anyone know of any research into this, any books I can read or even share your personal experiences - of stress prompting your symptoms. Any insight or thoughts would be well received. Cheers guys!