Introducing myself

Hello, My name is Dennis and I have RRMS since 2004. I have used some medication untill now Started with monthly Tysabri infusions for several years until I had JC in my system and switched to the oral Fingolimod medication. I did everything again with the Fingolimod, sport, long walks etc. After 7 years the MS was stronger then the Fingolimod and I had to switch to Ocrelizumab (O). But I had to be clean of medication for 3 months before I could start with O. During this period I had a lot of MS issues like wheelchair dependancy. It took me several months revalidation before I was able to walk without assistance. Since the use of O my MRI scans are stabil. But I have the feeling that the MS is slowly continuing and now I want to go for the HSCT treatment but I am still in doubt if this will work for me. For now I am trying to fight this MonSter every day and never give up. 💪