Stressed, overwhelmed and bad at waiting

I am feeling quite stressed at the moment. Mainly because I will find out in the next month whether or not I get on the Star MS trial and whether I will have a stem cell transplant or Kesimpta. I have the dentist on Monday for a check up and I need a letter from them to say that my mouth and teeth are risk free for chem to start. I also have my first PIP assessment on Thursday. All this is making me very stressed and unable to focus. I am getting bad physical symptoms relating to stress and my workload is piling up. If I go get the transplant then the research nurse says that I will start with my first lot of chemo a couple of days later, so I need to do a lot of prep work and get my clients organised, ready for me to take off for 4 months at least. I am so stressed :(. I have so much to do and I can literally not focus enough to do any work. I know that I need to stop stressing, get my work done and take things one day at a time but I just can't at the moment :(