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Meds or Diet...Help

Hi All, I am new to this. My son ben 21 has just been diagnosed 1/12/2017. We are looking at diet v meds, I have been doing a lot of research and there seems to be a lot of people talking about diet and not taking meds. I realise diet is hard work and a big commitment. We are weary of meds because of side effects and how they seem to lower your immune system. I realise there is a balance, but he would rather try a change of diet vitamin D and a host of other supplements, probiotic, as well as good food. We have arranged a allergy test as well as a vitamin D and vitamin B testing to see if he has enough. I am also looking into leaky gut. I would love to know you thoughts and how long people have been battling this disease and what you have tried? Thanks for your help.