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Disclosing in a new job

Hey all, I'm fairly newly diagnosed (May 2023 I think), I started a new job a few weeks ago and I didn't tick the disabled box on my application for a few reasons: 1. I wanted to get the job on my own merit. 2. I didn't have many symptoms and was hoping it would stay that way for a while. However, I have got a few new symptoms, still nothing obvious or major. I have, however, got to go and get a long full MRI and my consultant was very clear that when I go to get the results that I should be taking my partner with me because whatever happens next will affect them so I think he's expecting there to have been a relapse or activity and he said I'll probably need to think about starting treatment, so I think now is maybe a good time to tell work. But not sure how to go about it. At my previous job the lady who organised cover (I'm a teacher) and absences was aware of what was going on as I just thought my contact lenses were playing up and wasn't expecting MS diagnosed so was very open about my appts and her mother actually had MS. Anybody got any good tips or advice? Thanks in advance, Claire

I'd just be honest to be fair. It's alot better to inform them now, than withhold the information, as it may possibly put the pupils, other staff and most importantly yourself at risk. I think consulting with any Union that you may be a member of beforehand, would also be beneficial for some balanced and knowlegable input about the situation. I had commenced at a Primary School, training to be a TA. After 7 months I got diagnosed on a Friday. On the Monday, I went straight away to the Deputy Head and then to my Class Teacher, to let them know. I can honestly say that they're amazing and extremely supportive. I'm still only a volunteer 6 years later, but one with a Degree and a TA qualification. I can just manage a couple of days, due to fatigue and my body just couldn't take any more. My physical abilities have been impacted by the MS over the years- the most visible sign being that I walk around with a stick. So my situation is slightly different to yours, but think consultation with a Union, might be a good place to start.


I think there is information about disability and employment on gov.uk website. I think disclosure is your choice, but if you don’t disclose I think you have little to no legal rights. So, this means it is up to you. If you are capable of fulfilling the role, then why bother. If support is required to fulfil the role you should be protected under law. Super hard call because we can’t predict the future. All the best.