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Teaching and MS, absence triggers and reasonable adjustments

Hi MSers. I have RRMS, 17 years post diagnosis. I'm a teacher (6th form mainly) in a high school. I'm having a difficult time at the moment, stress at work is causing anxiety and flare ups/exacerbation of symptoms. I was given a first written warning at work for MS related absences in the last academic year(5 days). Has anyone been in a similar situation? I'm hoping for a happy ending. I've had OH, OT, A2W recommendations (very few implemented).

Hi - I'm also a teacher. I'm in N Irleand - and I have a Trade Union. Last academic year my line manager referred me to OT - and their doctor. When I informed my Union I was told to back right out and let the Union act for me. It turned out that there were Policies and Procedures for my employer and how people with Disabilities should be treated. The action my manager had been taking was out of order. In the year I also had been absent five days. I know there are circumstances where the person with MS simply may not be able to carry out their role as a teacher - but there are many steps the employer has to take before getting to that point. Does your employer have such a policy - that they are legally bound to follow? Have you a trade union? I was asked to request 'reasonable adjustments' to the way I did my job. I think this was less for my benefit than that management might be able to show that they were actually doing something to help. I have had no problem since - they actually bend over backwards and are super 'nice'. I hope this is of some help.


Wow. I am working with the union now to try and get this resolved and have adjustments that are fair and reasonable for someone with MS. They don't seem to have a policy for disabled staff. Sounds like you got there in the end. Fingers crossed I will too. Thank you for sharing.