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Keep it all in!

Thought I'd put a few words down and ask if other folks feel the need to 'minimise' how MS affects you when in the company of friends, family, colleagues. Showing an outward resilience masking how you really feel? I consider myself to be at the low end of the scale when it comes to the impact my RRMS has on me day to day. But it still has an impact on me - from the twice daily reminder of taking a Tecfidera pill to the damage done from past relapses, constant numbness/tingling in both feet and lower legs The good news is that I have no physical limitations and I believe my my MS has been stable for 4 or 5 years. Anyway, just thought I'd put this out there as it's been a whole since I've contributed to the conversation. All the best. B

I think that because ms is an invisible disability , I never feel comfortable showing 100 % the effect that it has on my life. I'm afraid that others are going to think that I am overreacting or that because I look relatively healthy and smile a lot , then I should be ok. Truth is I am not and my ms is playing up big time especially when I am experiencing anxiety which will make any symptoms I have feel much worse.


I minimise the effects i project it has on me outwardly because 1. i dont want people to treat me with kid gloves or treat me any differently 2. I dont want to worry the people close to me. I feel im the only one that should or can deal with its ugly nasty nature, why rain on other people’s parades. Most importantly MS doesn’t change your personality, and your personality is your operating system.