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My MS Update

I had my long awaiting urgent referral through the NHS having waited Since September 2023 and currently still going through my ongoing relapse. Positive vibes from the neurologist that my treatment for the Ocrevus Infusion is looking possible and hopefully hear something before the end of this month on a confirmation date. The Neurologist prescribed me with a 5 day course of Medrone Tablets (steroids) to help with the inflammation and hopefully speed up remittance. Has anybody else had this steriod medication and how did they find it? Did it work for you and is there any side effects to be aware of? Thanks all and hope you are a keeping well.

@Ayrton most of us probably had steroids at least once. This treatment works really well and fast (at least every time in my case) reducing symptoms. For me main side effects are problems with sleeping, being irritated and feeling very hungry 🤦‍♀️ Good luck with your treatment.


@Matilda1 Thanks for reaching back out to me. This would be my first time having being given these steroids since September 2023 so if they are proven to help then I will take them. Did you have any side effects?