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Tecfidera and medical marijuana thoughts

Hey guys, This is my first post I have done so far on this site, and my first day on the site period! Love this user friendly feel to this site btw, just wanted to put that out there. Ok, so I really would like to know all of your opinions (good and bad) about combining MS treatment with medical marijuana. I have RRMS, and currently I am on Tecfidera. I'm not yet at the full dosage of 240mg a day- I am just starting over and am taking 120mg twice a day (morning/evening) right now. I do from time to time smoke weed recreationally, but I haven't since being on Tecfidera. Have any of you tried this combo? Is it safe? Does it make a difference with the effectiveness of the drug? Or is this a big no no? Let me know your thoughts and reasoning. Thanks everyone. Much love, Atefeh

Hi, I take medical cannabis but don't smoke it take in tea it makes me sleep and helps with spasms,I don't take any drugs( DMD) so don't know if it would be ok with Tecfidera.


Weed is probably one of the safest drugs on the planet and I don't think it would affect the tecfidera as the tecfidera affects the body and weed affects the mind to relax I wish it was available here in the uk as still illegal to posses and smoke even with the amount of evidence the American health board submit I have been diagnose with rrms and there seems to me that nothing I have been given from copaxone injections work but even tho weed is illegal here in UK I still use it and has helped me more than anything else that the hospital given as helps with sleep and to relax thro the day how and why anyone gets this disease I don't know but with what I have read it dose affect only a crertin group of people