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Back Pain

Hey Everyone My back pains have been awful the last few days and ive increased my gabapentin but still no relief. My nurse is absolutely crap and after 7 years of no useful advise im gonna ask to change my nurse. Anyways when i mentioned my back are awful and ive increased my gabapentin she say 'why r u on that'!!!!! This made me panic as to wonder should i even be taking gabapentin for my back relief to say thats the advise her and my neurologist have given me in the last 7 years! After a panic she said it was fine for me to increase my dose etc but it just made me feel paranoid about taking gabapentin Has anyone been referred to pain management? I may ask to be referred to help with the back pain but im not sure what they can offer. Can anyone advise?

Yes - me too. I've been told it's coming from the sacro-illiac on my lower back on the right. An osteopath does a lumbar roll once a month. That helps. I think he'd pushing it back in place - but I think PPMS is busy pushing it back out agsin as time goes on. My gait is affected more and more. I now attend a neuro physio - I think this is the way to go. I too take gabapentin, and pramipexole (for Restless Leg). Also when it's bad I need painkillers. I think swimming is going to be good- I'll enjoy that anyway. I wish you well - if you find any remedy please say here. Best.ŕ


Sorry - I should have said that when it's bad I take strong painkillers. Also the neuro-physio has got me on to a waiting list for some kind of neuro sleeve- electrical pulses? Anyway I hope for a good outcome. All best.